What comes after CMOS? IEEE EDS NSW will be hosting ‘a discussion with experts’ including CQC²T Director Prof Michelle Simmons this Friday 5th June. The webinar will discuss the future of electronics beyond CMOS and the role “old” and “new” materials can play through radically novel approaches.

Webinar – 5th June 2020, 10:00 – 12:00 AES (Sydney, Melbourne, Australia)

Webinar theme: “What after CMOS? A discussion with experts”

Featuring talks by Dr.Paolo Gargini (formerly Intel, head of major international semiconductor rodmaps), Prof.Michelle Simmons (UNSW, world- leader in silicon quantum devices) and Prof.Michael Fuhrer (Monash U., leading expert in the physics of 2D materials) and a guided discussion about the future of electronics beyond CMOS.

The discussion will be moderated by Prof.Francesca Iacopi (Chair of the IEEE EDS Chapter in New South Wales) and Dr.David Cortie (Chair of the Communications Committee for ARC FLEET).