CQC²T represents one of the world’s largest teams working to create a large-scale quantum computer and secure communication systems.

Headquartered at UNSW Sydney, CQC²T employs more than 200 researchers from seven of Australia’s leading research institutions: RMIT University, the University of Melbourne, the Australian National University, UNSW Sydney and Canberra, the University of Technology Sydney, Griffith University and the University of Queensland.

We are looking for PhD students to be part of a diverse, collaborative, and supportive team in their mission to advance an exciting and leading-edge field of research. If you are ready to further your career in this exciting field apply now! 

PhD Scholarships

We currently have PhD Scholarships available at our CQC²T partner universities. For a detailed description of the roles, locations and contact information click on the links below.

The University of Queensland:

RMIT University:

For more information on the CQC²T research programs hosted at each location visit The University of Queensland and RMIT University

CQC²T Women in STEM PhD and Honours Scholarships

As part of of our equity and diversity program, we are looking for female PhD and Honours students to join our multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers developing quantum computing and communication technologies of the future.

Our top-up scholarships are available to female candidates that have secured a new PhD or Honours role at one of our Australian partner universities.

For more information visit: CQC²T Women in STEM Scholarships – CQC²T