In November 2020, we launched our CQC²T Women in STEM PhD and Honours Scholarship program.

The scholarships are part of the Centre’s equity and diversity program, designed to encourage female students to further their career in STEM, and be part of our world-leading multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers developing quantum computing and communication technologies of the future.

In January 2021 we welcomed our first recipient of the scholarship program – Laura O’Neill – who was awarded an honours top-up scholarship.

Laura is currently completing a BE ME degree in Electrical Engineering at UNSW. She started her honours position with Professor Andrea Morello in quantum computing. In addition to being awarded the CQC²T scholarship, Laura has received several prestigious awards including the 2019 UNSW Faculty of Engineering Dean’s Award, a 2019 Department of Physics and Astronomy Summer Vacation Scholarship and a 2020/2021 CSIRO Undergraduate Vacation Scholarship.

‘I have always been interested in nanotechnology and quantum computing. The CQC²T scholarship allows me to contribute to this fascinating and challenging field.’ says Laura O’Neill, CQC²T Scholarship Winner.

The CQC²T top-up scholarships are available to female candidates that have secured a new PhD or Honours role at one of our Australian partner universities: RMIT University, the University of Melbourne, the Australian National University, UNSW Sydney and Canberra, the University of Technology Sydney, Griffith University and the University of Queensland.

Successful candidates have access to mentors and a wide range of resources to assist with the development of their career, in addition to the scholarship funding. PhD top-up scholarship recipients are awarded $5,000AUD per annum for up to 3 years and honours top-up scholarships $1,500AUD for one year.

For further information on the scholarships and submission deadlines please contact Alison Taylor at or visit: CQC²T Women in STEM Scholarships – CQC2T