The Spinwave Engineering & Machine Learning Program, led by Professor Ben Buchler based at The Australian National University, seeks to harness the rich physics of light-atom interactions for quantum information processing. When interacting strongly with ensembles of atoms, photons can be transferred into a ‘spinwave polariton’, which is a superposition of atomic coherence and optical excitation. This allows a range of possible manipulations of optical quantum information ranging from passive storage of qubits in an atomic quantum memory through to strong interactions between spinwave polaritons and stationary light that could enable deterministic optical quantum gates. Inspired by the successful optimisation of a magneto-optic trap, our program now also encompasses machine learning goals aimed at optimising quantum technologies..


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Search for topological defect dark matter with a global network of optical magnetometers S Afach, BC Buchler, D Budker, C Dailey, A Derevianko, V Dumont, NL Figueroa, I Gerhardt, ZD Grujić, H Guo, C Hao, PS Hamilton, M Hedges, DF Jackson Kimball, D Kim, S Khamis, T Kornack, V Lebedev, ZT Lu, H Masia-Roig, M Monroy, M Padniuk, CA Palm, SY Park, KV Paul, A Penaflor, X Peng, M Pospelov, R Preston, S Pustelny, T Scholtes, PC Segura, YK Semertzidis, D Sheng, YC Shin, JA Smiga, JE Stalnaker, I Sulai, D Tandon, T Wang, A Weis, A Wickenbrock, T Wilson, T Wu, D Wurm, W Xiao, Y Yang, D Yu, J Zhang Nature Physics, 17, 1396 (2021)
Non-Gaussian Mechanical Motion via Single and Multiphonon Subtraction from a Thermal State G Enzian, L Freisem, JJ Price, AO Svela, J Clarke, B Shajilal, J Janousek, BC Buchler, PK Lam, MR Vanner Physical Review Letters, 127, 243601 (2021)
Optical back-action on the photothermal relaxation rate JY Ma, G Guccione, R Lecamwasam, JY Qin, GT Campbell, B Buchler, PK Lam Optica, 8, 177 (2021)
Single-Phonon Addition and Subtraction to a Mechanical Thermal State G Enzian, JJ Price, L Freisem, J Nunn, J Janousek, BC Buchler, PK Lam, MR Vanner Physical Review Letters, 126, 033601 (2021)
Observation of nonlinear dynamics in an optical levitation system J Ma, J Qin, GT Campbell, G Guccione, R Lecamwasam, BC Buchler, PK Lam Communications Physics, 3, 197 (2020)
Dynamics and stability of an optically levitated mirror R Lecamwasam, A Graham, JY Ma, K Sripathy, G Guccione, JY Qin, G Campbell, B Buchler, PK Lam Physical Review A, 101, 053857 (2020)