On the 1st February 2022, The Australian Institute of Physics announced the winners of their prestigious Medals, honouring the brilliant work of Australian physicists.

Congratulations goes to CQC²T Chief Investigator Professor Howard Wiseman from Griffith University, who was awarded the 2021 Walter Boas Medal.

Prof. Wiseman was awarded the medal for elucidating fundamental limits arising from quantum theory, in particular in its applications to metrology and laser science, and via its implications for the foundations of reality.

The Medal aims to promote excellence in physics research and perpetuate the name of metallurgist and physicist Walter Boas.

Prof. Wiseman follows a long list of CQC²T researchers who have been recognised for their excellence in physics in Australia, including Scientia Professor Andrea Morello from UNSW Engineering, who was awarded the Walter Boas Medal for Excellence in Research in 2019.