The Photonic Quantum Processor Program, led by Dr Alberto Peruzzo from RMIT University, will develop integrated single photon sources into complex photonic structures to produce and manipulate large-scale quantum states on chip. We will integrate arrays of quantum dots emitting at telecom wavelength with state-of-the-art high-speed, low loss switches and high-efficiency single photon detectors with the aim of generating quantum states of up to several tens of photons. This large photon state (N~20-40 photons) will be coupled to large multi-mode interferometers for demonstration of Scattershot BosonSampling, small-scale quantum simulators and algorithms, and testing fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics. Technological development will focus on robust fabrication of low-loss photonic waveguides, fast switches, on-chip filtering, engineered nonlinearities and superconducting detectors.


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Featured publications

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Bright ab initio photoluminescence of NV+ in diamond A Karim, I Lyskov, SP Russo, A Peruzzo Journal of Applied Physics, 130, 234402 (2021)
Visible to Short-Wave Infrared Photodetectors Based on ZrGeTe4 van der Waals Materials W Yan, BC Johnson, S Balendhran, J Cadusch, D Yan, JI Michel, SF Wang, T Zheng, K Crozier, J Bullock ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 13, 45881 (2021)
Fluorescent Silicon Carbide Nanoparticles MO de Vries, S Sato, T Ohshima, BC Gibson, JM Bluet, S Castelletto, BC Johnson, P Reineck Advanced Optical Materials, 9, 2100311 (2021)
An ab initio effective solid-state photoluminescence by frequency constraint of cluster calculation A Karim, I Lyskov, SP Russo, A Peruzzo Journal of Applied Physics, 128, 233102 (2020)
Modeling and control of a reconfigurable photonic circuit using deep learning A Youssry, RJ Chapman, A Peruzzo, C Ferrie, M Tomamichel Quantum Science and Technology, 5, 025001 (2020)
Tunable large free spectral range microring resonators in lithium niobate on insulator I Krasnokutska, JLJ Tambasco, A Peruzzo Scientific Reports, 9, 11086 (2019)