Mission, Goals, Objectives


To develop the science and technology of a global quantum information network, encompassing ultra-fast quantum computation, secure quantum communication and distributed quantum information processing.


The Centre will:

  • develop powerful new technologies for transmitting and processing information
  • maintain Australia’s position as a leader in quantum information technology
  • ensure emerging and future Australian scientists are equipped with knowledge and skills in technologies that will shape the 21st century and
  • develop a scalable quantum computer and network it for ultra-secure communication.

We will achieve these goals by:

  • fostering a global community of expert collaborators
  • discovering and exploiting the nature of quantum physics
  • mentoring and training talented young people from high school to university students, and postgraduate to postdoctoral researchers and
  • leveraging Australia’s world leading quantum scientists and research infrastructure.

Technical Objectives

By the close of our seventh year we aim to deliver quantum processors able to run error corrected algorithms and transfer information across networks with absolute security.