Now in their 53rd year, the University of Melbourne July Lectures in Physics are a series of free public lectures aimed at giving an insight into fundamental questions in physics.

This Friday 30th July, CQC²T Chief Investigator Prof. David Jamieson will be presenting on the revolutionary discoveries in Physics made too soon.

Through this lecture, Professor David Jamieson will look at advances in physics that were ahead of their time – Oliver Heaviside prematurely discovered a fundamental result of Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity in 1888 nearly twenty years before Einstein. Ida Noddak explained anomalous results from Enrico Fermi’s experiments as evidence for nuclear fission, but her explanation was dismissed as ridiculous for nine years before it was accepted as correct.

This Lecture will ask ‘can we identify the premature discoveries of the present day that may shape the future?’ To find them, ‘should we be looking for a ‘lone genius’ or is scientific creativity more complex than that?’

Join the online lecture this Friday July 30 at 6:30 pm  Register now.