The Integrated Silicon Nano-Spintronics Program is led by Professor Andrew Dzurak. Based within the School of Electrical Engineering at UNSW Sydney.

The Program provides the Centre with engineering design, modelling and nanofabrication of fully-configured silicon spin qubits, constructed using top-down nanofabrication.

The Program researchers make extensive use of the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF) at UNSW Sydney, of which Prof Dzurak is Director, and works closely with the Scale-Up Engineering Program, the Directed Ion Implantation Program, and the Silicon Quantum Hardware program.

Featured publications

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Scaling silicon-based quantum computing using CMOS technology MF Gonzalez-Zalba, S de Franceschi, E Charbon, T Meunier, M Vinet, AS Dzurak Nature Electronics, 4, 872 (2021)
Electrical control of the g tensor of the first hole in a silicon MOS quantum dot SD Liles, F Martins, DS Miserev, AA Kiselev, ID Thorvaldson, MJ Rendell, IK Jin, FE Hudson, M Veldhorst, KM Itoh, TD Ladd, AS Dzurak, AR Hamilton Physical Review B, 104, 235303 (2021)
Pulse engineering of a global field for robust and universal quantum computation I Hansen, AE Seedhouse, A Saraiva, A Laucht, AS Dzurak, CH Yang Physical Review A, 104, 062415 (2021)
Single-electron spin resonance in a nanoelectronic device using a global field E Vahapoglu, JP Slack-Smith, RCC Leon, WH Lim, FE Hudson, T Day, T Tanttu, CH Yang, A Laucht, AS Dzurak, JJ Pla Science Advances, 7, eabg9158 (2021)
A High-Sensitivity Charge Sensor for Silicon Qubits above 1 K JY Huang, WH Lim, RCC Leon, CH Yang, FE Hudson, CC Escott, A Saraiva, AS Dzurak, A Laucht Nano Letters, 21, 6328 (2021)
Coherent spin qubit transport in silicon J Yoneda, W Huang, M Feng, CH Yang, KW Chan, T Tanttu, W Gilbert, RCC Leon, FE Hudson, KM Itoh, A Morello, SD Bartlett, A Laucht, A Saraiva, AS Dzurak Nature Communications, 12, 4114 (2021)