Single-shot single-gate RF spin readout in silicon

September 6, 2018 @ 3:00 pm

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For solid-state qubits, single-gate RF readout can help minimise the number of gates required for scale-up to many qubits, since the readout sensor can integrate into the existing gates required to manipulate the qubits. However, a key requirement for a scalable quantum computer is that we must be capable of resolving the qubit state within single-shot, that is, a single measurement. Here we demonstrate, for the first time, single-gate, single-shot readout of a single electron spin in a singlet-triplet state in silicon with an average readout fidelity of 82.9% at a 3.3kHz measurement bandwidth. We use this technique to measure a triplet T– to singlet S0 relaxation time of 0.62ms in precision donor dots in silicon. We also show that the use of RF readout does not impact the maximum S0 to T– readout time at zero detuning, which remained at approximately 2ms.


September 6, 2018
3:00 pm


Old Main Building, UNSW
Room G59, Old Main Building, UNSW Kensington Campus NSW Australia


University of New South Wales