Inspiring the next generation of quantum scientists & engineers

The Growing Australia’s Quantum Technology Industry report from CSIRO revealed that Australia’s quantum technology industry has the potential to create 16,000 new jobs and over A$4 billion in  revenue by 2040, while spurring breakthroughs in drug development, industrial processes and machine learning.

At CQC²T, we are focused on inspiring our future quantum scientists and engineers, engaging with students from the primary level, to secondary school and all the way through university to develop Australia’s future research leaders.


Our outreach programs reach thousands of students across the country and range from Centre Open Days, school visits and presentations, work experience and programs with education partners.

For our quantum enthusiasts, our library of online content includes Frequently Asked Questions on quantum computing and videos explaining quantum computing concepts. Our team of researchers also share their latest research outcomes and we have tutorials on the various research areas across the Centre. Explore more below.

What is quantum computing

A quantum computer is a machine that performs its calculations by harnessing the unique features of quantum mechanics. Our team of researchers answer some of the frequently asked questions about quantum computing and communication technologies.



To help inspire our future quantum computing scientists and engineers, CQC²T has a range resources and education programs to support students with their STEM skills and understanding quantum computing and communication technologies of the future.


Quantum Computing Courses and Resources

If you are thinking about a career in quantum computing and communication technologies, our team of researchers have pulled together some recommended courses and resources to help you map out your career path.


Expansive Video Library

Whether you are new to quantum computing and communication technologies, or want to keep up to date with the latest research developments in this advancing field, we have an expansive video library that caters to all levels.

From videos that explain the future impact of quantum computing, to the basic concepts of quantum mechanics and how a quantum computer works, search through the tutorials, seminars, interviews and explainer videos to learn more about this exciting fields of research.