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A 2020 report from CSIRO revealed that Australia’s quantum technology industry has the potential to create 16,000 new jobs and over A$4 billion in  revenue by 2040, while spurring breakthroughs in drug development, industrial processes and machine learning.

At CQC²T, we are focused on inspiring our future quantum scientists and engineers. Through educational resources on our website and ‘hands-on’ outreach programs – our aim is to open students eyes to Australian leadership in quantum computing research and explore what’s possible.

To get you started – our team have pulled together some resources to answer your questions about quantum computing, explain how a quantum computer works and how you can become a quantum scientist. If you have any more questions let us know – we would be happy to answer them.

So, what is a quantum computer?

A quantum computer is a machine that performs its calculations by harnessing the unique features of quantum mechanics. A technology that will solve in hours or minutes problems that would take conventional computers – even supercomputers – centuries.

What does a quantum researcher do at CQC²T?

How can I learn about quantum computing and how do I get involved?

To help grow the pool of budding quantum computing researchers, CQC²T hosts outreach programs across our seven universities – to engage students from the primary level, through secondary and all the way through to our research leaders. Learn more about some of our CQC²T outreach programs and the STEM programs we support:

Want to further your education in the quantum field? How can you get started?

If you would like to know more about quantum computing or sign up for one of our education and outreach programs – complete the VISIT US form.

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