UNSW Sydney Scientia Professor Sven Rogge has been elected President of the Australian Institute of Physics (AIP).
The AIP is dedicated to promoting the role of Physics in research, education, industry and the community.

Professor Rogge says the main objective of his presidency will be to engage with physicists at all career stages in Australia, in both academia and industry.

“The practise of physics is not confined to academia, but is a critical element of many industries,” he said.

“I look forward to progressively reaching more physicists – especially younger ones – around Australia, and gradually growing our membership. I also want to engage more physicists outside academia to work with the industry to showcase the important work that is happening in this area.”

Professor Rogge’s research interest is in condensed matter physics, in particular quantum electronics, at UNSW Science’s School of Physics.

He works on quantum computation in silicon in the ARC Centre for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology.

Before joining UNSW in 2011, he worked at the Kavli Institute for Quantum Nano Science at Delft University.