The annual Google Faculty Research Awards fund world-class computer science and technology research.

They are highly competitive, with only 15% of the 910 proposals from more than 320 universities making it through Google’s rigorous review this year. This includes Dr Alberto Peruzzo, Director of RMIT’s node of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation & Communication Technology (CQC²T)

Peruzzo is a leading researcher in the science of photonics, where light is manipulated for a range of applications including fibre-optic telecommunications and quantum computing.

This grant will support his work developing the next generation of photonic devices for high speed telecommunications.

“There is growing demand for high speed internet and other telecommunications applications, but current technology is struggling to cope,” says Peruzzo.

“We’re aiming to develop new photonic routers that allow massive amounts of data to be communicated, via internet or other channels, much more quickly.”

Peruzzo believes his team’s work will set a new standard for telecommunications.

“For us this award is a strong endorsement by a real tech giant of our achievements so far in this quest and just as importantly, trust in our future direction.”

Story: Michael Quin RMIT