CQC²T Director, Prof. Michelle Simmons talk to The Lithographer about quantum computing research and her unique fabrication process.

The Lithographer: Quantum Issue (

The second issue of The Lithographer is inspired by the recent progress in quantum computers.

We focused on a few new ideas and techniques for fabrication of all things quantum: qubits, quantum sensors, etc.

The key fabrication challenges highlighted in this issue include:

  • Critical dimensions (some platforms require atomic precision of placing the circuit elements).
  • Sensitivity to defects: a stray atom or even a dangling bond can affect the device performance.
  • New platforms used to host qubits: constituting materials are often very sensitive to the environment.
  • Upscaling fabrication to large areas.

The Quantum issue features interviews with Clarence Chang (U. S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory), Ken Burch (Boston College), Michelle Simmons (University of New South Wales), Bob Wolkow (University of Alberta) and Edoardo Albisetti (Politecnico di Milano).

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