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On the 6th August at 11am, CQC²T Chief Investigator A.Prof Nicolas Menicucci will be presenting his CQC²T research on scaling up quantum computing with optical continuous-variable systems at the AIP online seminar.

This talk is part of  a series of monthly talks by Australian Research Council Centres of Excellence with the Australian Institute of Physics. To view the upcoming talks visit:

Title: Go big or go home: scaling up quantum computing with optical continuous-variable systems

Abstract: Quantum computers promise to revolutionise information processing by exploiting the curious features of quantum physics. One of the biggest challenges to a viable quantum computer with real-world impact is scaling it up to handle large computations. Optical modes can be stitched together into extremely large entangled resource states for quantum computing, comprising one million modes or more, if continuous variables are used instead of single photons. In this talk, I will introduce the principles of continuous-variable quantum computing and discuss recent theoretical and experimental results in this exciting field.

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