Structure and governance

CQC²T comprises of more than 200 researchers from seven leading Australian universities. As the administering institution, UNSW Sydney is home to key management staff including the Director and Chief Operating Officer. The Deputy Director is based at the University of Melbourne.


The Centre Executive drives decisions, monitoring both research and administrative progress. The Executive team includes the Director, Deputy Director, Chief Operating Officer and senior Chief Investigators. The COO has oversight of administration, reporting, industry links, marketing and management of intellectual property, coordinating the effort across the seven participating institutions.

The Director is supported by an Advisory Committee with members from academia, government, defence and the private sector. The Committee meets at least three times per year.

The International Scientific Advisory Committee evaluates research programs and output, providing guidance in an international context. The ISAC meets every two years.


As a beneficiary of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence program, CQC²T is in a rare position of strength to co-ordinate research across a large number of formally participating institutions, enabling the Centre to draw upon the best talent across the country. This complements an extensive network of national and international collaborators, both corporate and university-based.

The Centre’s research effort is organised in nine Work Packages comprising 18 research programs. Each Program Manager may be contributing to the 4-year and 7-year milestones in multiple work packages. The Work Package Leader is key to coordinating the effort of the Program Managers and reporting progress against milestones to the Centre Executive. Program Managers are responsible for a single program, for leading their research team and contributing their resources to all Centre outputs.