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01 Feb 2022Prof. Howard Wiseman awarded the 2021 Walter Boas Medal

Congratulations to CQC²T Chief Investigator Professor Howard Wiseman from Griffith University, who was awarded the Australian Institute of Physics 2021 Walter Boas Medal.


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Bandwidth control of the biphoton wavefunction exploiting spatio-temporal correlations

JMM Varga, J Lasa-Alonso, M Molezuelas-Ferreras, N Tischler, G Molina-Terriza

Optic Communications, 504, 127461 (2022)

Time-Resolved Photoionization Detection of a Single Er3+ Ion in Silicon

GC Hu, GG de Boo, BC Johnson, JC McCallum, MJ Sellars, CM Yin, S Rogge

Nano Letters, 22, 396 (2022)

Unifying theory of quantum state estimation using past and future information

A Chantasri, I Guevara, KT Laverick, HM Wiseman

Physics Reports - Review Section of Physics Letters, 930, 1 (2021)

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Silicon Quantum Computing

Quantum operations with 99% fidelity – the key to practical quantum computers

Quantum computers can solve useful problems only if there is less than 1 error every 100 operations, which means 99% operation fidelity.

Silicon Quantum Computing

Building a silicon quantum computer chip atom by atom

A University of Melbourne led team have perfected a technique for embedding single atoms in a silicon wafer one-by-one. Their technology offers the potential to make quantum computers using the […]

Silicon Quantum Computing

‘Missing jigsaw piece’: engineers make critical advance in quantum computer design

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#Q&ARC: Introducing CQC2T

What is an Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence? And more specifically, what happens at the CQC²T Centre of Excellence? In this video, we introduce you to some of […]



There is an international race to build a scalable, quantum computer that transcends the capacity of conventional computers. A technology that has the potential to transform the information economy and create the industries of the future – solving complex solutions in hours or minutes.

The Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology (CQC²T) is focused on delivering world-leading quantum research to develop full-scale quantum systems.



CQC²T is dedicated to developing the next generation of scientists to join us in the race to build a scalable quantum computer. The Centre provides opportunities for students to develop their passion for maths and physics.



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